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Finland’s fab FUBi full-sized foldie

As an avid rider of an urban folding bike for my work commute (and just plain fun), I totally enjoy reading about the exciting and eye-catching technological advances that are rapidly taking place in folding bicycle design. Recently, while perusing the … Continue reading

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A titanic shift in bike helmet design

In our quest to find a folding bicycle helmet for use while traveling, Kathy made me aware of a new helmet technology that some (like me) will consider a titanic shift from the traditional bicycle helmet design paradigm – the … Continue reading

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Top 12 posts of 2012

The past year has been a terrific one for panethos.wordpress.com. So, I thought I would list the top 12 posts that were published in 2012, as tabulated through a few moments ago. If anything changes substantially by the actual end of … Continue reading

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Why not make bicycle turn signals standard?

The minute I post this, I am sure someone will point out that there are bikes with turn signals available for purchase (probably for a small fortune). But, the other evening as I was bicycling home after a high school football … Continue reading

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A cool cycling ‘cartogeeks’ phone app

As a total cartography geek (a.k.a. cartogeek) about maps, which I have been collecting since I was a kid, I am always fascinated by new applications for cartography. Just yesterday, I was introduced to a fun and cool bicycling app … Continue reading

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