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Crossing signals at street intersections should never default in favor of cars

Far too often, crossing signals at street intersections are being pre-set to default in favor of cars and other motor vehicles. In other words, the pedestrian or bicyclist must activate the crossing signal before it will allow them to cross … Continue reading

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Plow the d@%n bike lanes too!

Now that most of us are in the frosty grip of winter (quit smirking Hawaii and Florida), I have been reminded about an old pet peeve that many of us commuting cyclists have – the lack of snow or ice … Continue reading

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Feck the straight-line mindset!

Please excuse me for utilizing the Irish version of a well-known four-letter profanity. It was picked up while visiting that lovely island last month. The milder term “feck” seemed to be the most appropriate word for titling this post with … Continue reading

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Addressing past street naming/numbering sins

When I resided in Hagerstown, Maryland many moons ago, Washington County’s Planning Department assigned new addresses to nearly every property in the county. This effort was completed successfully in part due to the cooperation all of the local jurisdictions. The purpose of this … Continue reading

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It is time to sharrow and sharrow alike

In our modern age of healthy communities, complete streets, walkability, road diets, safe routes to school, and bicycle-friendly communities, one would think that adding appropriate and applicable sharrow images along public streets and multi-use trails would be a no-brainer. Well, there … Continue reading

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