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Poem – “Upon Two Wheels”

Upon Two Wheels Upon two wheels In constant motion Moving forward Ever forward   To ride with power Or glide with ease Rolling forth Ever forth   From place to place And back again Traveling onward Ever onward   On … Continue reading

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Potent quotes about bicycles

The following are ten of my favorite quotes about bicycles and bicycling from some rather famous individuals. It does not take a rocket scientist, politician, writer, or poet to understand the beauty, simplicity, and sheer delight that comes from riding … Continue reading

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The poetry of a spring bike commute

Spring Morning Commute By Rick Brown   Wheels spin round and round Traversing the paved terrain They roll in cadent unison Along the paved bike lane   Fresh air breezes past me As fragrances abound Spring charms once dulled senses … Continue reading

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A poem in your soul

Sometimes Mother Nature puts a song in your heart and a poem in your soul. It sure did that for me on this first frosty morning of the season here in Mid-Michigan as I nearly had thisĀ entire poem thought outĀ during … Continue reading

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