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PROVOking the birth of bike sharing

Near the conclusion of his outstanding book, entitled In the City of Bikes; The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist, author Pete Jordan reveals an unknown [at least to me], yet significant part of bicycling history – the birth of the bike … Continue reading

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Teaching the old guard some new tricks

I don’t know if this scenario applies universally, but in some places there is an unfortunate problem of the old guard of the planning and economic development hierarchy literally standing in the way of innovative ideas and programs. It may be employing alternative … Continue reading

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Let the good word on bicycles be heard!

This graphic shown below was produced by the League of Michigan Bicyclists and pretty much says it all about the benefits of bicycling to the State of Michigan.  Similar examples can be found nationwide and across the globe. Wednesday, May 22nd … Continue reading

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Ranking states on bicycle friendliness

Below are a new map and chart prepared by the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking and Walking which ranks the 50 states on their bicycle friendliness in 2013. As is evident from the map, the Western states, … Continue reading

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