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Palo Alto to Tierra del Fuego by bicycle

I am not kidding. That is the lengthy north-to-south course taken by author, climate scientist, and touring cyclist David Kroodsma , which he describes with intriguing detail in the book, The Bicycle Diaries; My 21,000 Mile Ride for the Climate. … Continue reading

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Going CARbonLESS

On Friday, aside from actively participating in National Bike to Work Day, I went CARbonLESS for the entire day. Not only was my commute by bicycle, but all of my errands and other trips throughout the entire day. While Friday was … Continue reading

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Global geography of per capita greenhouse gas emissions*

I thought the 2008 list provided below was interesting and quite disappointing at the same time. Those nations above 20 metric tons per capita should be ashamed by their lack of attention (or respect) for this global problem. Kudos to those nations listed whose … Continue reading

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The Danish carbon footprint diet – cycling

Most of us have heard of the Hollywood diet, the South Beach diet, and many other trendy weight reduction plans. Well, in Denmark, they are showing the rest of us how easy, fun, and healthy it is to go on a carbon … Continue reading

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It’s time to go on a national road diet

It seems like every other week there is some new trendy diet being promoted on cable or in periodicals. Well…in the world of planning, road diets are currently in vogue. Generally, a road diet means reducing the number of lanes … Continue reading

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