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Get a Leg Up: The Nation’s First Bicycle Footrest

What a great idea, courtesy of Streetsblog Chicago.  Congratulations to all those in Chicago responsible for setting such a fine example of cutting-edge bicycle planning. Get a Leg Up: Steven and Friends Install the Nation’s First Bicycle Footrest.

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This is what great planning is all about!

Anyone remotely interested in urban planning, revitalization, hiking, kayaking, bicycling, history, civics, urban design, community spirit, canals, economic development, the environment, or cities in general should download and listen to the November 19, 2013 podcast and powerpoint presentation of Tuesdays … Continue reading

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Scenes from Chicago

A few of the photos I took yesterday during my Amtrak layover in Chicago. In my personal opinion, Chicago is still the most amazing, vibrant, and active of America’s big cities. Enjoy!

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