Respect your life – wear a helmet


Took a major tumble while biking to church this morning. Probably the worst I have even experienced. Thankfully my helmet took the shock of the curb and has a commemorative dent to show for it.  Otherwise, my  ribs and left wrist are sore and thighs are torn up. 

For those who don’t wear helmets or who may suggest not wearing them, it only take a split second for everything to change. There is no need to take such risks when there are many varieties of helmets to choose from – including designer ones. Respect your life – wear a helmet. 

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Now this is pedaling for pizza!

I want one of these!  Way cool. 

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Good night, sweet Prince

One of the last photos of this musical genius and icon is of Prince riding his bicycle. Rest in peace and thank you always being true to your Midwestern hometown of Minneapolis-St. Paul. 


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Tandem bike haiku

 Tandem bicycles –two wheels powered by four feet -double the pleasure.

Rick Brown 2016

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Boston bike rack


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Cruising the bus depot stage


 InsideOut Gallery in Traverse City. 

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Bike the vote!

 Today is Presidential Primary Day in Michigan. So, if you live here, please vote and if you are a cyclist, bike the vote! If you live elsewhere, please consider biking the vote as well. Peace! 

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Embracing Winter Bike to Work Day 2016!



Congratulations to all those who participated or who are participating in Winter Bike to Work Day 2016 on Friday, February 12th. This is terrific event that inspires people to get outside and embrace Winter and all its glory. Well done!

I am particularly proud to see my new hometown of Traverse City to be listed as the leading American city for pre-event registrants. Booya!  Here is a list of the Top 25 cities for committed registrants (over 10,000, as of 1:30 pm EST) around the Northern Hemisphere and a weblink to the complete list of over 1,500 cities.

  1. Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Oulu, Finland
  3. Novi Sad, Serbia
  4. St. Petersburg, Russia
  5. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  6. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  7. Moscow, Russia
  8. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  9. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  10. Almaty, Kazakhstan
  11. Helsinki, Finland
  12. Bergen, Norway
  13. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  14. Skopje, Macedonia
  15. Gothenbeug, Sweden
  16. Traverse City, Michigan, USA
  17. Oslo, Norway
  18. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  19. Trondheim, Norway
  20. Tampere, Finland
  21. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  22. Bratislava, Slovakia
  23. Washington, DC, USA
  24. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  25. Stockholm, Sweden





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League of Michigan Bicyclists Hiring a Tour Director 

Interested in being the Tour Director for the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB)? Well, here’s a link to download and open a job description containing more information about the position.

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Let’s get it right – highlight yourself at night!


You would think this would be an obvious safety concern to those involved, but lately it has been quite surprising and dismaying to see so many pedestrians and cyclists walking/pedaling at night in dark/non-reflective clothing. Not only is it harder to see them in dressed in this manner, but add in the dulling of motor vehicle headlights by road salt, less hours of daylight, unlit streets and roadways, and the narrowing of road shoulders due plowed snow and you have a dangerous combination of factors that must be addressed before a tragedy occurs.

The number of people walking/pedaling the roadways here in the Traverse City area in dark gear has been significant enough for both my wife and I to wonder if local communities should consider adopting laws which require the wearing of bright clothing or reflective gear. Public safety officers would be able to ticket those who don’t oblige without good reason. Granted, you can’t fix stupid, but for the sake of the rest of us, perhaps such laws would at least be a step in the right direction and may wake those up who are not thinking through the potential dangers of their choices.

Public safety campaigns via the media, hospitals, law enforcement, schools, community groups, and walking/biking advocacy groups would be another way of spreading the word – one which should be painfully obvious already.

Lastly, for those among us who unfortunately cannot afford to buy bright outerwear or reflective gear, donations of money or clothing to homeless shelters, school,s and community groups would be a great way to reach those most in need of assistance. A little bit can go a long way when parlayed with the gifts from others in the community.

Any other ideas beyond those listed above would be most welcome. Please pass them along.

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