Bringing the Ghost Bike to Film


The central theme of the terrific new movie Hearts Beat Loud may not be about cycling, but it is a critical component of the film. In fact, this may be the first motion picture ever to include a scene with a ghost bike. Certainly, it is the first movie I’ve seen where this topic is visualized and it is done in a thoughtful and comforting way. Caution – possible spoilers ahead.

All I can say is go see Hearts Beat Loud – the music is fabulous, the acting is superb, and the film includes important reminders of the scope of a bicyclist’s death goes well beyond the death of the victim and that society must improve bicycling safety and awareness to avoid such heartbreaking tragedies. Peace!

If you love the music as much as I do, here’s a visual link to the movie soundtrack available on Amazon*.

* A small commission is earned by us from purchases that are made using this visual link to Amazon.
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2 Responses to Bringing the Ghost Bike to Film

  1. jon says:

    I saw no ghost bike……………………………:)


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