Go Green Trikes keeps on rolling!

Hanging basket care in Old Town – Used with permission from Go Green Trikes.

Back in 2014, this blog posted two stories about Go Green Trikes of Lansing. Go Green Trikes is an environmentally sensitive business begun and directed by entrepreneur Yvonne LeFave and provides last mile delivery, freight and moving, shopping and errand mobile advertising, event support, and chemical and gas free lawn services by cargo trike in Greater Lansing.

I am pleased to say that Go Green Trikes is still rolling and growing. Their customer based is increasing as their provide more services. Particularly popular are yard care and maintenance services such as eco-friendly lawn care and yard waste removal.

Used with permission from Go Green Trikes.

Yvonne has kindly agreed to allow me to post some photos of her ever-growing business empire and pass along that they were pleased to eek out their first profit in 2017 (though she admits she did not pay herself). A further sign of success has been inquiries about franchising in other cities in Michigan and Illinois. The firm also received the “Business partner of the Year Award” from Lansing’s Old Town Commercial Association in 2017.

2017 Business Partner of the Year Award – used with permission from Go Green Trikes.

Like any other new business, there are growing pains, but given founder Yvonne’s tenacity, leadership, and ability to fill niches in the marketplace, this blogger believes Go Green Trikes will continue pedaling down the pathway to success in 2018 and beyond. BicycleTrax wishes Yvonne all the success in the world and hopes she is personally able to reap some of the financial rewards of her hard work in 2018. Well done!

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