Portland’s busiest Willamette River cyclist crossings in 2014

Source: bikeportland.org

The following list shows the five busiest Willamette River bridge​ crossings for bicycles in the City of Portland, Oregon according to summer daily bicycle traffic data from the Portland Bureau of Transportation. This data does not include the new non-motorized/transit Tilikum Crossing Bridge over the Willamette River that opened in 2015. In is anticipated that the new bridge will primarily draw riders away from the Hawthorne Bridge

  1. Hawthorne Bridge = 8,287 bicycles per day
  2. Steel Bridge = 4,559 bicycles per day
  3. Broadway Bridge = 4,501 bicycles per day
  4. Burnside Bridge = 2,325 bicycles per day
  5. Morrison Bridge = 805 bicycles per day

Source: Portland Bureau of Transportation

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