Letting them ride on their own

174f1e39-b30c-4c3c-948c-997255772f1fThis charming statue is located in Clinch Park along the TART Trail and the Traverse City, Michigan waterfront. The statue was created by Verna Bartnick and depicts a parent teaching their child to ride a bike, as they must eventually let the child ride off on their own.

I cannot think of a more fitting statue to locate along a bike trail, as it clearly depicts the sense of adventure, challenge, joy, fun, trepidation, and wonder of first learning to ride a bicycle.  It is an accomplishment that no one ever forgets. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Letting them ride on their own

  1. Ray Hall says:

    G’day from Ray. Honestly now, how often are children launched into solo riding—-without ever being taught how to handle that most terrifying situation; how to stop ?


  2. John Harland says:

    Usually, in my experience. Just be ready to catch them.

    Some years ago we taught a woman in her early 20s to ride. She rode around the sports field for a couple of hours until someone congratulated her on her enthusiasm. It turned out that noone had shown her how to stop and she was a quiet sort of person who didn’t want to yell out about it.


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