What’s the grandest bridge you have ever bicycled across?

View from atop the Lion's Gate Bridge

View from atop the Lions Gate Bridge observation deck

Every now and then, we cyclists get an amazing opportunity to ride across a long, memorable, or unique bridge. The experience may be enhanced by the scenic vistas, the design/architecture of the bridge, the weather, the comradery, or the sheer enormity of the crossing.

Climbing the Lion's Gate Bridge

Climbing the Lions Gate Bridge

Certain bridges have separated bike lanes designed into them (such as the Lions Gate), while others may be closed for a short periods of time to allow walkers, cyclist, or joggers to cross. The Mackinac Bridge, here in Michigan does that several times a year and my plan/hope is to cross it by bicycle in 2016.

What’s has been your favorite bridge to bicycle across? What bridges would you like to ride across in the future?

Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia

Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia

Currently, until I ride across the Mackinac Bridge, the magnificent Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia ranks as my favorite, longest, most unique, coolest, enjoyable, and most memorable bridge crossing by bike. Among my future plans/hopes would be bicycling across the following bridges (partial list):



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8 Responses to What’s the grandest bridge you have ever bicycled across?

  1. Jean says:

    Yes, I loved the Lion’s Gate Bridge…I lived in Vancovuer for 8 yrs. It’s still a 2nd home for me.


  2. Chelsea Bridge, London is quite a grand bridge!


  3. EJ Moran says:

    New York, north to south – The Bear Mountain Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, the Queensboro Bridge or 59th Street Bridge (now called Ed Koch Bridge), and the Brooklyn Bridge. My favorite, the Brooklyn Bridge – beautiful span and view, with a great old time feel.


  4. velo26 says:

    I ride across the Tamar bridge (UK) twice a day on my commute to and from work. It runs parallel to Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s rail bridge (well worth a Google)


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