Poll results – no love for crushed limestone

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Several weeks ago an unscientific poll was taken here on Bicycle Trax about which surface(s) bicycle riders prefer to cycle on. While unscientific, the results were quite startling.

Only one person out of 37 people voting and/or commenting on the topic thought crushed limestone was their favorite surface. That is just 2.7 percent! Meanwhile, a significant number of off-road trails are just that – crushed limestone.

Perhaps, trails across the country would get more usage by riders of all ages if they were asphalt (the top choice). Granted asphalt is more expensive, but it is also safer and more enjoyable for the majority of the riding public.

Recently, during our rides on the C-I-S Trail between Owosso and Ionia, Michigan and on the North Central State Trail between Cheboygan and Indian River, Michigan we found crushed limestone to be wearying, dusty, and often unevenly distributed. This meant you could not relax or coast for fear of toppling over if you ran into a thicker area of stone while not moving fast enough.

Considering bicycling facilities should be designed to accommodate those from age 8 to 80, crushed limestone seems to be the antithesis of good long-term trail planning, other than in very rural and remote areas. For urban, suburban, commuting, or popular recreation trails, asphalt would be the most appropriate surface to employ.

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