Ahoy! Boats with bicycles ahead

0728151431Camping and bicycles always made sense to me as a great way to get around the campground, park, or town. One only need see the multitudes of bicycles lashed onto the backs of trailers, RVs, and motor homes rolling down the interstate to realize this is common.

Surprisingly, I had never really thought of taking a bike on a yacht or sailboat for the same purposes. That was until yesterday, when I saw several bicycles stored on boats docked in the Elk Rapids Marina prior to our sail on the East Arm of Grand Traverse Bay.

0728151432What a great idea! One can zip to the store or restaurant, get some exercise, or sight-see while on shore and then just load them up onto the boat and away you go. Yet another purpose where bicycles rule over all other modes of transport.

For bicycling planners in coastal, lakeshore, and navigable riverfront communities, this presents an exciting opportunity to meld bicycling further into the local multi-modal transportation network. This could/should include bicycle parking and possible storage facilities at marinas, direct connections to the non-motorized network from the marina, wayfinding signage, and even the possibility of bike sharing stations being positioned at or near marinas, particularly during the peak boating and/tourist season.

Whatever works to float your boat and access on shore amenities by bicycle sounds like a win-win scenario for communities, residents, local businesses, and visitors alike. Ahoy!

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1 Response to Ahoy! Boats with bicycles ahead

  1. mukul chand says:

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