Tents and Tandemonium at Michigander

0711150725Above and below are just a few photos of some of the tandem bicycles and the makeshift tent city seen during the two-day Michigander bike ride over the past July 11-12 weekend. This two-day event open to all types of bicycles and part of a larger and longer eight-day ride, traversed from Cheboygan (with camping at Cheboygan High School) to Indian River and back on Saturday and then Cheboygan to Mackinaw City and back on Sunday, with an option to also ride around Mackinac Island. The other six days are taking place currently and consists of a staged ride versus a daily roundtrip.


This annual event (in its 24th year) is organized by and helps support the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, a program unit of the Michigan Fitness Foundation. Over 700 riders are participating in the 2015 ride from 24 states, Canada, and the UK. Cheers!



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3 Responses to Tents and Tandemonium at Michigander

  1. problogic says:

    Looks like fun and you are all hamming it up for the camera. 🙂


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