Independence Day ride on the C-I-S Trail



My wife and I enjoyed a leisurely ride on Mid-Michigan’s newest nonmotorized trail this Independence Day afternoon – the C-I-S (Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee) Trail, as we rode 21 miles roundtrip between St. Johns and Fowler, Michigan and back. A better name for this former Grand Trunk Railroad  route would have been the Bee Line Trail, because it is about as straight as straight can be without a single curve for nearly 30 miles.

Regardless, it was a pleasant ride and we enjoyed a holiday parade of birds, butterflies, and small critters along the way, as well as scenic rural farmscapes. We stopped briefly in Fowler and enjoyed a yummy, refreshing, and very welcome chef salad at Main Street Pizza, just one-half block from the trail.

unnamed-1Other interesting sights along this trail segment include a handsome town clock situated where the C-I-S Trail crosses Main Street in Fowler, the restored railroad depot in St. Johns, and a Veterans Memorial where the trail passes through downtown St. Johns.


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