The benefits of yoga and bicycling



At last night’s flow yoga class, half of us bicycled to Lotus Voice for an hour-long workout of stretching and enlightenment. This was not the first time this had happened this spring, but it was coincidental with a planned Lansing Bike Party event this Friday where the riders will be pedaling to Just B Yoga in the REO Town section of Lansing.  This coincidence got me thinking about how bicycling and yoga are two low-impact forms of exercise that are extremely beneficial to human wellness and fitness. As one with back problems, I find biking to be a wonderful way to get fresh air and exercise without the pounding my body takes from jogging.

Similarly, yoga  strengthens your core resulting in healthier back muscles and improved overall health, flexibility, tone, and balance.  Knock on wood, but I have had only very minor back ailments since taking up yoga nearly 18 months ago – certainly a welcome relief.  Yoga can also help one recover from injuries, whether they are bicycle-related or not. In fact there is even a book out on the topic of yoga and biking – here’s the weblink to the internet page.

Comic by Kelli Refer - Source:

Comic by Kelli Refer – Source:

My only wish is that  I had taken up yoga many years sooner, as I look forward to each new session and the renewed sense of enrichment gained during the class.  Personally, I prefer the flow yoga taught at Lotus Voice compared to other more intense forms such as Bikram and hot yoga. Perhaps as my expertise grows, I will branch out into the other more strenuous forms of yoga, but for now, flow yoga is just fine with me.

Combined, I believe that the melding yoga with bicycling serves to unify both the body and the spirit. Cycling to and from yoga is a great way to warm up prior to and then cool down following the class.  I highly recommend both activities (individually or in unison) as excellent methods for staying fit and improving one’s overall well-being – physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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2 Responses to The benefits of yoga and bicycling

  1. Elaine C. Erb says:

    I am certainly a believer in how yoga complements cycling. When I focus on the root of my index finger, I relieve stress from my wrist. My bike alignment is better if I visualize my quads moving toward the femur. And core work helps me not lean into my arms too much on the bike. Not to mention how helpful tree pose is for overall balance.


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