The marriage of bicycling and beer



The two consumable products that tend to be favorites among cyclists are ice cream and beer. While I have yet to see a beer brand directly tied and marketed to ice cream, the close relationship between beer and bicycling has been going strong for quite some time. This relationship blossomed into a full marriage with the advent of Fat Tire amber ale from New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado.



New Belgium may have other beer brands, but it will likely always be associated with Fat Tire and its quintessential logo. More recently, Arcadia Brewing of Kalamazoo, Michigan released its newest sudsy offering – Cheap Date session ale with a logo of a couple riding a tandem bicycle (see above). Uniting this relationship between bicycling and beer even more closely, Arcadia has gone the extra mile by agreeing to donate 1% of its sales from Cheap Date to the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail – a wonderful non-motorized corridor in Southwest Michigan.


Kalamazoo River Valley Trail Map – Source:

This is the kind of innovative funding opportunity that more bicycle advocacy groups need to explore and pursue. It’s an awesome  win-win situation for the brewer and for the bicyclists as they work together to support each other and their passions. Cheers!

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4 Responses to The marriage of bicycling and beer

  1. problogic says:

    Reblogged this on Panethos.


  2. Tim Potter says:

    Great article Rick. I love everything about that Cheap Date label except for the depiction of the bikes and riders is ergonomically messed up (their legs are fully extended but not reaching the pedals). I know, picky, picky, but hey, gotta have standards!


  3. bjornabelsson says:

    Alcohol, even in low concentration like beer, is not compatible with traffic, like cycling.


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