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500 bike commutes and counting…

Since I started keeping track, I reached my 500th bike commute today. Woo hoo! Actual total is probably closer to 550, but who’s counting. LOL

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Why we ride…in silence

On this particular race day, ten kids ranging in age from eight to 15 were lined up waiting for the start of our neighborhood bike race. Some were perched upon slick ten speeds, others like me, astride our three-speed, banana … Continue reading

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Poem – “Upon Two Wheels”

Upon Two Wheels Upon two wheels In constant motion Moving forward Ever forward   To ride with power Or glide with ease Rolling forth Ever forth   From place to place And back again Traveling onward Ever onward   On … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Is the Product Of Pure Reason Applied To Motion

Originally posted on Bill Chance:
“To ride a bicycle is in itself some protection against superstitious fears, since the bicycle is the product of pure reason applied to motion. Geometry at the service of man! Give me two spheres and…

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Major work this summer coming for Hart-Montague and White Pine Trails

Originally posted on The Outdoor Journal:
Cyclists and skateboarders regularly use the paved portions of the White Pine Trail. Critics suggest skateboarders and others will not be able to use the segments that will be surfaced with crushed limestone. Photo:…

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