Biking/walking laps around BWI Airport



Just when you thought the layover boredom of Airport World would sap the last vestiges of your energy, the good folks in Maryland have served up a fun and active option for those with spare time on their hands between flights – a non-motorized, shared use trail circumnavigating the perimeter of Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Now you can pedal, jog, hike, or walk your layover hours away and stay fit and healthy at the same time by plodding the 12 plus mile-long BWI Trail.

What a grand idea for those who do not mind going through security an extra time, for those who work at the airport, those living and working nearby, or those who prefer to bike commute to their next flight. Congratulations to all involved with adding this recreational amenity in metropolitan Baltimore. Perhaps, BWI should mean Bike-Walk International Airport? Hmmm…

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