Bicycling to the friendly skies



Recently, I have wondered how many airports in the United States and elsewhere have bicycle parking available for travelers. One thing is for sure, if you are a traveler who is planning to bike to the airport, I hope you heed Rick Steves sage advice of packing light.

Here is what I have found along with available weblinks to the bicycle parking information highlighted in blue. Any additions to this list are most welcome. Cheers!



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4 Responses to Bicycling to the friendly skies

  1. Marlies Henderson says: is what I found for Boston. I haven’t tried biking it myself though.


  2. San Diego might have bicycle parking, but I once walked to my hotel from the San Diego airport (it was close) and it was highly uncomfortable. I had to walk over a lot of grass and dart across some giant multi-lane roads.


  3. underscorefool says:

    While the portland, OR airport (PDX) has bike parking, and I have ridden to a flight more than once (and once rode a solo tandem to pick up a friend!), it was mentioned by transit police and known by the community to be very high-theft. I always take enough U-locks to lock everything including both wheels and saddle and have had no problems myself, but have trouble recommending it to others.

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