A triumphant collection of bicycling short stories

Source: metalcowboy.com

Source: metalcowboy.com

Metal Cowboy contains an outstanding collection of short stories written by author and bicycle tourist Joe Kurmaskie. Some are witty and humorous. Some are poignant and thought-provoking. All of the stories in this delightful collection are captivating.

I strongly recommend this book , not to just bicycling fanatics, but to anyone who enjoys reading an excellent non-fiction publication that tickles your funny bone while also touching your heart. Below are eight of my favorite golden snippets from this great book. Cheers!

  • “For better or worse, life often boils down to this. If you can’t run with the big geese, stay on the porch.”
  • “I reminded myself that the worst day of cycling is always better than punching a clock somewhere.” Definitely true!
  • “It’s always a good day to ride.”
  • “Nature, on that scale, takes no prisoners and humbles all completely.”
  • “Buffets and smorgasbords in small towns never knew what hit them as I’d pedal out of the parking lots.”
  • “You can never go wrong ordering pie from a small-town diner. It’s in the Constitution somewhere.” Love this one!
  • “If you meet one dear friend a decade, you’re way ahead of the game.”
  • “Bicycle touring? Done well, I like to think of it as…performance art.”
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