Art and architecture along The Peg’s riverfront trail


While on a three-hour layover in The Peg (Winnipeg, Manitoba) during our trans-continental train trip across Canada, Kathy and I decided to take in some of the sights of this dynamic city on the prairie. One of our favorite activities was walking the North Winnipeg Parkway – a paved non-motorized trail in the heart of the city.

We walked from the city’s Chinatown district on the north end of the downtown core to the riverbank parkway along the western shore of Red River and then southward to The Forks National Historic Site. As the photos below aptly depict, Winnipeg has outstanding art and architecture displayed along this trail.

Easily our favorite architectural feature was the immensely inspiring Canadian Museum of Human Rights which is scheduled to have its gala opening ceremonies today and tomorrow (September 19th/20th).  This amazing and iconic structure could do for Winnipeg what the Gateway Arch did for St. Louis. In terms of artwork, my two favorites displays were the five upright military aircraft wings (only four can be seen in the photo) and a very memorable and stirring stature of Gandhi – certainly presents an interesting dichotomy between war and peace.

Needless to say, Winnipeg must be added to many a traveler’s itinerary, as it is rapidly becoming a center for culture, evocative art, and dazzling architecture. This was my second visit to the city (also in 2005) and both times I have come away very impressed. Kudos to everyone in Winnipeg and keep up the outstanding efforts!

For more information on Winnipeg, check out their weblink.






Bascule railway bridge over the Red River



Provencher Pedestrian Bridge over the Red River


The Forks National Historic Site


Canadian Museum of Human Rights


Gandhi statue

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