Bicycling across Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge


The magnificent Lions Gate Bridge as seen from downtown Vancouver

What an awesome experience! With protected bike/pedestrian lanes in both directions, the 5,980 foot long Lions Gate Bridge over Burrard Inlet is a bicycle ride to behold. What a dream commute it would be to pedal regularly over the bridge and through Stanley Park. Here are just a few photos from our ride last weekend.


Riding northbound


View of Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver, BC

View from high above the shipping channel

View from high above the shipping channel


Riding southbound


Southerly view from an observation area


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5 Responses to Bicycling across Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge

  1. scott says:

    that was my daily commute for a few years, but most of the time it was raining


  2. Chris says:

    Rick glad you enjoyed it! I’ll admit I have pinched myself a few times with my good fortune. This is my daily commute from North Vancouver into downtown each day, through the park and along the seawall in Coal Harbor. I have protected lanes for all but 2km of my 10km commute! It’s an amazing setting and it’s no wonder I rarely take a car and when I do only find myself grumpy and impatient. Scott is correct it does rain often but less than you might think and its still better and faster than transit or driving most days.
    Hope you enjoyed your time in Vancouver we’ve been having a stellar fall so your timing was perfect!


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