The next evolution of the bike lane?



Just had to chuckle when I first saw this cartoon. Hopefully, we may reach the day when there are enough bicyclists plying our streets and roadways that this will become a reality rather than satire. If such an example already exists, I would appreciate knowing about it. Cheers!

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3 Responses to The next evolution of the bike lane?

  1. Ken Grubb says:

    I’m not sure that I would advocate for an HOV bike lane, but I do think the argument can be made for bike lanes with different speeds. A 10 KPH lane for kids, a 20 KPH lane for commuters, and a 30 KPH lane for those who are triathletes in training.


  2. Paul O'Leary says:

    The “bike-pooling” lane may be a closer reality than you think! With our bike seats, most any bicycle can serve as a two-seater with room for an extra passenger. Now we just need to get bike-commuting to a point where having multiple bicycle lanes is a necessity to keep traffic flowing.


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