The bicycle kick – art, acrobatics, and athleticism all in one



If you have never seen a bicycle kick live or on television, you have missed something sweet and very special. It is odd’s on the coolest, most acrobatic, and artistic shot in all of sports. It is hard to describe without imagery, but basically a soccer player has their back to the goal and leaps/somersaults backwards striking the ball towards the goal. The somersault motion increases the pace of the ball making it even harder to stop since it is coming from the opposite direction than one would normally expect.

I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a bicycle kick this past Saturday afternoon during the Manchester United versus Real Madrid match held in the Big House (Michigan Stadium) in Ann Arbor. At the time the crowd was doing the wave, but instantly stopped in sheer awe of the shot by Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale (see photos below). Fortunately for Manchester United, their goalie was in the correct position and stopped the shot from scoring.



Either way, it was a vision to behold. Art, acrobatics, and athleticism all in one. Forget the three-pointer, the slam dunk, the long bomb, the ace, the double-eagle, or the slap shot, as none of them begins to measure up to a bicycle kick on goal. Cheers!


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