Viva l’Italia! – Carrera’s wickedly cool retro urban bicycle helmet


FYI – my helmet exterior is glossier than this image. Source:

While surfing the net for a folding bicycle helmet that can be easily packed in a suitcase or backpack for trips and holidays, I stumbled across Carrera’s new foldable helmet. This wickedly cool retro design from Italy is based on the old leather pistards helmet, it can be reduced in size by folding/compacting the shell, so it occupies 20 percent less area than when it is fully open. This is perfectamundo for traveling or just carrying it about town. The basic model comes in seven nifty colors – I chose neon lime (image above) for increased visibility.



There are also a premium version of the helmet, as well as four very nice Grand Tour editions that sport the colors of national flags, including Italy (home of Carrera), France, and Spain.




The Carrera foldable helmet is very comfortable and simply oozes panache. I ordered mine through eBay and it was delivered from Koo Bikes of Plymouth, England in less time than regular household snail mail takes to get across town – seriously it arrived in four days and I have had letters take as much as a week to get across town.

Be sure to check the specifications closely as they are given in centimeters and the helmet size options were changed in 2014.

Bravo to Carrera and Koo Bikes on a job well done!


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