Get a Leg Up: The Nation’s First Bicycle Footrest

Source: (photo by Steven Vance)

Source: (photo by Steven Vance)

What a great idea, courtesy of Streetsblog Chicago.  Congratulations to all those in Chicago responsible for setting such a fine example of cutting-edge bicycle planning.

Get a Leg Up: Steven and Friends Install the Nation’s First Bicycle Footrest.

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7 Responses to Get a Leg Up: The Nation’s First Bicycle Footrest

  1. Al Downie says:

    Yes, not bad, but that whole sidewalk is a bit of a catastrophe for a pedestrian pushing a buggy…


  2. Jeffrey Tong says:

    What is more important for bicycle safety is a raised bike track (a protected BUFFER) between the bike lane and the car lane. (Notice the car in the picture has violated the bike lane)


    • Adrian Dennis says:

      The car has not violated anything for certain as traffic is moving forwards . . . if not then the photo shows cyclists going through red light. Can’t have it both ways. Have to agree with comment about the City’s appalling consideration of pedestrians and the disabled with such bad pavement obstructions.


    • natasha says:

      The car is going through the bike box, I don’t think it’s violating anything. Though, you are correct. Delegating where money should go in terms of biking is a difficult task.


  3. Adrian says:

    Seems the curb makes for a fine “footrest” to me. The car is simply rolling over the bike box, which is a nice feature considering there appears to be a decent volume of cyclists. Would like to see more cycletracks and buffered bikeways.


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