A Bike Apple each day, keeps the parking blues away

Source: skyscrapercity.com

Source: skyscrapercity.com

Leave it to the Dutch to design an architecturally intriguing and practical bicycle parking structure that captures the essence of cool design. Introducing the fietsappel or the Bike Apple. This ‘delicious’ structure is located next to the railway station in the city of Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands.


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Source: skyscrapercity.com

Source: skyscrapercity.com

It’s ‘gala’ grand opening was in 2010 and is designed to hold up to 970 bicycles within its ‘empire,’ though according to what I’ve read, more bikes, including ‘Fuji’s’ are often parked there. It’s this kind of eye-catching and useful bicycle infrastructure that keeps the Netherlands as a global leader in bicycle ridership. Even ‘Granny Smith’ and ‘Jonathan’ would find this apple quite appealing.

Source: alphenaandenrijn.com

Source: alphenaandenrijn.com


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