Hitting for the “cycle” at the ball park

Source: washingtonnationals.mlb.com

Source: washingtonnationals.mlb.com

The following major league baseball teams/stadiums provide bicycle parking and/or valet services at ALL home games. Hopefully, more teams will “hit for the cycle” in the near future and provide similar bicycle parking options for their health and fitness conscious fans. The more bicycle parking, the less need for expensive parking garages and decks – I’m sure old George Washington pictured above would agree.

Kudos to the teams/stadiums below:

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1 Response to Hitting for the “cycle” at the ball park

  1. Diane says:

    FYI your link to the blue jays actually links to this http://www.kansascyclist.com/news/2011/03/bicycle-parking-at-kauffman-stadium/


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