Creative brand names for bicycle co-ops/collectives



While perusing the list of bicycle co-ops/collectives across the nation on the Bike Collectives Network website, several of their titles stood out as very imaginative, creative, and memorable brand names. Below is a list of my twelve favorites and my top three are identified in italics. Great job by each of these groups!

  • Handlebar Helpers – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Changing Gears – Alameda, CA
  • Bikerowave – Los Angeles, CA
  • The Good Wheel – Manitou Springs, CO
  • Krank it Up – Tallahassee, FL
  • Out Spokin’ – Lake Worth, FL
  • Free Wheelin’ – Indianapolis, IN
  • Broke Spoke – Traverse City, MI
  • ReCYCLEry – Charlotte, NC
  • Free Ride – Pittsburgh, PA (reminds me of the old Foghat song)
  • Positive Spin – Morgantown, WV
  • Spokes 4 Folks – Charleston, WV

Out Spokin’ clearly implies the important advocacy aspects inherent in bicycle co-ops/collectives, while Free Wheelin’ hints at the free-spirited nature of those of us who love riding bikes. It also incorporates the low-cost or “free” services offered at many co-ops/collectives. Lastly, Positive Spin is a terrific way of incorporating all of the worthy facets of bicycle co-ops/collectives into one catchy name that also links to bicycling through the use of “spin.”

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2 Responses to Creative brand names for bicycle co-ops/collectives

  1. Jim sheehan says:

    By far the best Co-op name is Third Hand Bicycle Co-op. If you are not a bike tech it may not make much sense (tho it should, just for the simplest connotation), but is also the name of a simple, elegant tool that takes tension from caliper rim brakes to allow easy adjustment of cable travel.

    Third Hand, in Columbus Ohio, will be hosting the Bike! Bike! Conference 8/28 – 31. The Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (yeah, boring name, we know…) Will be there with lots of loaner bikes for folks who can’t bring a ride along, and probably present a workshop that includes topics like “How to use a Third Hand tool”….


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