Leading states for bike co-ops/collectives

Source: facebook.com

Source: facebook.com

Below are two fascinating charts from information found on the Bike Collectives Network website.  The first lists the 20 states that have at least five bike collectives/co-ops/community shops established within their geographic boundaries.  The second is shows those states with the most collectives/co-ops/community bike shops per million residents.

As a Michigander, I am immensely proud and pleased to see my state listed in second place in terms of raw numbers and ninth place in per million residents. Michigan, Oregon, and Washington are the only states to have made both lists!

California 27
Michigan 15
Washington 11
Pennsylvania 10
Ohio 9
Colorado 8
Florida 8
Illinois 8
Oregon 8
Georgia 7
New Jersey 7
New York 7
Arizona 6
Indiana 6
Massachusetts 6
North Carolina 6
Texas 6
Virginia 6
Minnesota 5
Wisconsin 5

SOURCE: www.bikecollectives.org


South Dakota 4.88
Vermont 4.76
Alaska 2.77
Oregon 2.08
Montana 2.01
Idaho 1.91
District of Columbia 1.66
Washington 1.63
Michigan 1.51
North Dakota 1.48

SOURCE: www.bikecollectives.org

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5 Responses to Leading states for bike co-ops/collectives

  1. asanafordays says:

    As a Californian, I confess no small amount of embarrassment.


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  3. Tim Potter says:

    This is fantastic news! Probably the first bike related statistic in which we have beat out so many of the big bike states!


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