The rebirth of something quite special – Lansing Bike Co-op

0605141249aKathy and I were privileged to attend a fundraiser for the newly revived Lansing Bike Co-op yesterday at the exceptionally hip and recently renovated Zoobie’s Old Town Tavern.


The place was packed with supporters and well-wishers celebrating the rebirth of such a useful and beneficial organization. The Lansing Bike Co-op’s inspiring mission statement says:

“Lansing Bike Co-op is a non-profit charitable organization that empowers our community through bicycle education and access. We provide a welcoming space for taking transportation into our own hands.” (Source: Lansing Bike Co-op handout)

Volunteers for the cooperative has been working with the Ingham County Land Bank, Go Green Trikes, and the Tri-County Bicycle Association to get the ball rolling again after the region had gone several years without a non-profit bicycle cooperative.

Personally, I really like the purpose for the cooperative, which states:

“Provide a space where anyone, regardless of race, color, national origin, spiritual belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability can come and learn the skills necessary to fix and maintain their bicycles. We believe that giving people the tools, materials, and knowledge to do the work themselves is a valuable asset. Through that work the bicycle can become a potent tool in the furtherance of community empowerment.” (Source: Lansing Bike Co-op handout)

Well said, my friends!



According to the Bike Collectives Network and the superb community bicycling resource book, On Bicycles, there are more than 250 bicycle co-ops/collectives/non-profit community bike shops in the United States and Canada. It’s pleasing to know that Greater Lansing is once again counted among this very special group. Three hearty cheers to those who have led the effort to restart such a valuable community asset. Greater Lansing is a better place because of the efforts of such dedicated and enthusiastic citizens!

p.s. The person who came up with the logo deserves an award – excellent design!

CLARIFICATION/UPDATE – the Bike Collectives Network database lists two other prominent non-profit bike collectives/cooperatives/community bike shops in Greater Lansing – MSU Bikes and Share-a-Bike, which are both in East Lansing.

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