Some AAA clubs start to get it…about bicycles



It seems amusingly ironic that certain AAA (American Automobile Association) clubs are now offering emergency bike services for bicycle commuters considering the organization tried to strip any and all non-motorized funding (a mere 1.0% of the transportation bill) from the federal budget and apply it solely to highways a few years back. If you are a member of a AAA club in Washington (state), Minneapolis, Southern New England, Oregon, Colorado, and parts of Idaho, twice yearly emergency bike services are now available to you. I suppose we shouldn’t look a gift-horse in the mouth, so I will take this as a positive trend.

For bicycle services, a ten mile limitation is applied for how far you may be taken to a repair shop or home. I could have used this emergency service yesterday as for the first time in a decade of bike commuting, I blew my front tire while riding home. Stupid potholes!

Certain bicycle-related services are excluded by these AAA clubs:

  • Tandems (guess double-dipping isn’t allowed – J )
  • Trips from home to a bike shop
  • Your AAA club does not offer this service
  • You are off-road somewhere not accessible by road.

Hopefully, other AAA clubs will see the light and begin offering such services to cyclists. I might actually consider re-establishing my membership with AAA that I cancelled when they began lobbying against non-motorized funding. They lost a 30+ year customer by being so arrogant. Perhaps, some national bicycling organization(s) might want to consider such a program for its members?

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