Going CARbonLESS

Source: fleetnews.co.uk

Source: fleetnews.co.uk

On Friday, aside from actively participating in National Bike to Work Day, I went CARbonLESS for the entire day. Not only was my commute by bicycle, but all of my errands and other trips throughout the entire day. While Friday was not my first CARbonLESS day, it was inspiring and unique in the fact that I never felt I needed (or would have preferred) my car at any point in time. In other words, going CARbonLESS felt totally normal.

Running to Kroger, Target, and Five Below at lunch were all done by bicycle, as were my trips to yoga, dinner, and to Kathy’s. Throughout Friday, this amounted to 8.5 miles of pedaling around town on my Citizen “Miami” urban folding bike.

Purists will accurately note that to truly go “carbonless,” one must not use electricity, natural gas, or food/products produced with carbon emissions. So, for clarity, my CARbonLESS day was technically a carless day. Considering the significant proportion of carbon dioxide emissions are derived from automobiles, I still feel it was an accomplishment and a personal victory to have not spewed 18 pounds of carbon into the air.

I am constantly impressed by and admire those who have gone CARbonLESS for days, weeks, months, and even years at a time. One friend has not driven/owned a car in more than two decades.  Each time I have gone one day without my car, as I did Friday, I consider it a pale comparison to more consistent CARbonLESS living advocates and practitioners. But then I think about how if each one of us could go CARbonLESS for just one day a month, what a huge difference that would make in our collective carbon footprint, how much less pollution there would be, how much less congestion there could be, and how much healthier each of us and our planet would be, and I become quite excited about the prospects.

Each of us can make a difference – on an individual basis and through our collective actions. On Friday, I reduced my overall carbon footprint by not expelling 18 pounds of CARbon into the air.  It just takes that first CARbonLESS day to set in motion those incremental and individual steps that can (and will) change the world.

Please consider joining me and those others who refuse to be dependent on the almighty automobile for every aspect of our lives. Please consider going CARbonLESS every now and then…for yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your community, and your planet.

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