“A day in the life”…of a bike commuter

It was supposed to be just another day in the life of this avid bike commuter. I thought I had it all planned out so well. Yesterday morning, I drove my Ford C-Max with my folding bike packed inside to a car detailing shop to have the interior cleaned all nice and neat. After dropping my car off, I pedaled my Citizen folding bike to work about two miles or so to the east. All went like clockwork…until I got a call from the car detailer about 9:00 a.m. saying their cleaning technician had called in sick and they would not be able to clean the interior of my car until Thursday. Okay…

Source: beatlesbooks.com

Source: beatlesbooks.com

Because the weather forecast called for rain showers during the afternoon, I decided to bicycle back to the car detailer during my morning break and pick up the car. When I arrived, I discovered much to my chagrin and embarrassment that I had dropped off my car at the wrong car detailer. Duh! In my defense, these two car detailing shops are situated directly side-by-side in the same auto care mall. I know that’s a weak argument, but I am standing by it!

Silly me had dropped off my car at the wrong shop that morning – not the place where I had made an appointment, which is who had the sick employee. The shop where I dropped off the car was busy cleaning away when I arrived to retrieve my car at 10:15 a.m. So, I sheepishly bicycled back to the office along the same route I had just trekked twice already, all the time wondering if I need a long, relaxing, and restful vacation on a beach in Tahiti or an extended stay at Happy Acres.

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