These American cities get it!

The chart below shows those 15 larger cities in the United States that have a highest percentage of bicycle commuters based on 2008-2012 American Community Survey data. No surprise that Portland, Oregon is first, but it is nice to see to cities from the Great Lakes Region in second (Madison, Wisconsin) and third (Minneapolis, Minnesota). Who said bicyclists don’t like challenging climates?

Sources: Census Bureau and League of American Bicyclists

Sources: Census Bureau and League of American Bicyclists

It is also heartening to learn from the study that biking to work increased 60% over the last decade in the United States. That is wonderful news that this avid bicycle commuter hopes keeps on climbing at a rapid rate. Congratulations to all those who joined the ranks of bicycle commuters, like me, over the past decade.

The chart also serves as a challenge to those larger cities that did not make the list to step up their efforts to enhance non-motorized infrastructure and local active transportation options. No time like the present to get started as even small improvements can go a long way to making your community more bicycle friendly.

Serious kudos to all the cities on this list!

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1 Response to These American cities get it!

  1. Alex says:

    Sweet graphic! I’m still amazed Minneapolis always makes these lists.

    Don’t forget! It’s bike to work day Friday!



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