The poetry of a spring bike commute

Spring Morning Commute

By Rick Brown


Wheels spin round and round

Traversing the paved terrain

They roll in cadent unison

Along the paved bike lane


Fresh air breezes past me

As fragrances abound

Spring charms once dulled senses

As my wheels spin round and round


Songbirds serenade me

With their musical delights

A cavalcade of sweet tunes

To start the day off right


One pedal before the next

While shifting gears in time

In constant, subtle harmony

A soothing, recurrent rhyme


Away from the congestion

Through canopies of bliss

My wheels roll ever onward

Cloaked in the morning mist


Freed from harried schedules

As the wheels spin on and on

To enjoy keepsake moments

Amid the day-breaking dawn.


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2 Responses to The poetry of a spring bike commute

  1. Nicky Slade says:

    Hi, I am compiling an anthology of writing on all aspects of cycling and journeys by bike, called The Cyclist’s Anthology, to be published by I would like to ask permission from Rick Brown to reproduce his poem Spring Morning Commute, posted April 8, 2014. Please could you pass on this message or let me know how to contact him. Many thanks.


    • problogic says:

      Hi, Nicky. This is Rick. You are more than welcome to publish Spring Morning Commute. I will send you a separate email confirming. Please let me know when The Cyclist’s Anthology is published.



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