Louisville’s East End mega-bridge/tunnel project

Source: eastendcrossing.com/

Source: eastendcrossing.com

Scheduled to open in 2016, the East End Bridge and Tunnel project will fill an existing gap in the Interstate 265 Beltway northeast of downtown Louisville and provide the first fixed Ohio River crossing (a 2,500 foot long cable-stayed bridge with a 1,200 foot main span) between the city’s northern suburbs (near Utica, Indiana) and its eastern suburbs (near Prospect, Kentucky). Currently, one must travel into downtown Louisville or north to Madison, Indiana to cross the river between these two points.


Source: eastendcrosing.com

As an avid bike commuter, an aspect of the project that I really like is the inclusion of a separated 13-foot wide pedestrian/bicycle trail on the bridge for active transportation users.

Source: eastendcrossing.com/newsroom/media-kit

Source: eastendcrossing.com/newsroom/media-kit

The 1,680 foot long East End Tunnel is designed for the expressway to avoid adversely impacting the historic Drumanard Estate on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River.

Source: eastendcrossing.com/

Source: eastendcrossing.com

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2 Responses to Louisville’s East End mega-bridge/tunnel project

  1. Matt says:

    Every time I use that tunnel I’ll be infuriated by the rich bastards that used their privilege to add to the cost of this unbelievably hateful project. No one associated with the project gives a damn about the City of Louisville and the Rich Bastard Bypass (Trademark Pending) is just the cherry on top.

    The bridges themselves are beautiful, the rest of the project is an ugly testament to the lack of vision in this city and state.


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