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No copycats allowed when placemaking!

Let me start off by saying that placemaking is a very useful and beneficial approach to enhancing one’s community and creating pride in place.  That being said, there is also an inherent risk that placemaking efforts across the nation can become … Continue reading

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Sports/games that should have been invented

If haggis hurling/tossing can be a sport, so can these. Look for them on a cable channel near you! Stay tuned for more. Slam dunk wiffle ball Reverse role deer hunting Medicine ball shot put Curling hurling Sky-high jumping (with … Continue reading

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Your community is a college town when…

Sofas and couches are considered roadside artwork and/or a front porch decoration. Mascot(s) seem to appear from out of nowhere at every venue. Beer consumption exceeds water consumption. The drinking age is only a guideline. The first really warm day … Continue reading

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Your zoning code/map is ahead of its time when…

There is an app for that. There is a required vertical altitude setback from flying car streets and highways. Your code book is entitled “Jetsonian Code for ___” (fill in the blank). You can actually find them on the internet. Landing … Continue reading

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The scenic beauty of Detroit

Think Detroit is just an industrial wasteland? Think again, folks – here are a few photos that show the scenic (and softer) side of this great city. Enjoy!

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