2012 bike commuting summary

The chart below shows my bicycle commuting log for the past few years. While there are two more opportunities to ride to/from work yet in this calendar year, the long-term weather forecast is not promising.  Very pleased to have reached the 40% threshold for bicycle commutes during 2012 and to have topped my previous annual record.
As can be seen, October is the most likely month for bicycle commuting with 36 round trips since I started keeping a tally, followed by September and July tied with 32 round trips, May with 29, and August with 27.
The commuting count in August of this year was curtailed by my two-week vacation in California and Oregon, as well as the unexpected death of my stepfather. I also lost a week in November after minor surgery. The asterisks in April-July of 2009 indicate when I could not ride due to a back injury.
Thus far, I have not decided on my goals for 2013, though it would be nice to  attain 100 bicycle commutes in a calendar year, though I am not so sure Mother Nature or Old Man Winter will be as cooperative as they were in 2012. We’ll just have to see.
Happy holidays to all and I hope everyone has a joyous new year in 2013.
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3 Responses to 2012 bike commuting summary

  1. Kurt Wallace says:

    Bravo, Rick – that’s pretty impressive!


  2. Well done, and some nice stats!
    If you don’t mind me saying so, you might find a monthly average rather than the cumulative value more useful for comparison.


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