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A poem in your soul

Sometimes Mother Nature puts a song in your heart and a poem in your soul. It sure did that for me on this first frosty morning of the season here in Mid-Michigan as I nearly had this entire poem thought out during … Continue reading

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We (cyclists) are our own worst enemies

We cyclists talk a good game. We insist in being treated like any other traffic on streets and highways. Many of us have bumper stickers on our cars saying: “Same Roads, Same Rights, Same Rules” or some variation of that theme … Continue reading

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Why not make bicycle turn signals standard?

The minute I post this, I am sure someone will point out that there are bikes with turn signals available for purchase (probably for a small fortune). But, the other evening as I was bicycling home after a high school football … Continue reading

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Zombie pedestrian dodge-em

Trying to be a courteous bicyclist, I always attempt to warn pedestrians and other cyclists of my presence, especially when approaching them from behind. I do this by ringing my bike’s bell or calling out that I am on their … Continue reading

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The downtown Motown rebound

Saturday evening I attended a fantastic concert by the Canadian alternative rock band Metric at the historic Fillmore Detroit Theater on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit. On the way there I missed my intended exit and instead took the Lafayette Avenue … Continue reading

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