TUUBSS (totally useless unscientific bicycle survey stats) episode 2

Source: bestcarracks.com

On the drive from Lansing to Indianapolis (yesterday) Friday afternoon, I decided to once again count the number of vehicles I saw along the interstate with bicycles on board and/or in tow. Here’s a weblink to the original survey from July and yesterday’s data is provided below:

  • Number of interstate miles driven: approx. 250
  • Number of vehicles with bikes: 33
  • Average miles between vehicles with bikes:  7.5 miles
  • Average bike carrying vehicles per mile: 0.132
  • Roof mounted bikes: 6.5 vehicles
  • In trailer: 2 vehicles
  • Rear hitch/trunk mounted bikes: 24.5 vehicles
  • Average bikes per vehicle: approx 2.5-3.0
  • Traveling in the opposite direction (northbound): 31
  • Traveling in my direction (southbound): just 2
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