Kudos to the Federal Transit Administration

Congratulations to the Federal Transit Administration for clearly linking bicycle and pedestrian improvements to transit projects. This is great news for urban planners in cities across the country and will go a long way toward enhancing non-motorized transportation and transit-oriented developments. Below is a summary of the policy statement from the League of Michigan Bicyclists.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has issued a policy statement in today’s Federal Register establishing that pedestrian improvements within a half mile radius of a transit facility and bicycle improvements within a 3-mile radius of the transit facility are considered to have a de facto relationship to the transit facility. This is great news as it simplifies the eligibility determinations for use of transit funds for bicycle and pedestrian improvements.”

“The majority of the FTA’s grant programs allow money to be spent on the design, construction, and maintenance of walking and biking projects that “enhance or are related to public transportation facilities.” But how do they determine if such a relationship exists? Until today’s announcement, the FTA had used 1,500 feet from the transit stop or station as the rule of thumb.”

“Additionally, in response to public comments, the FTA also included a stipulation that allows projects located beyond these distances to be eligible if walkers and cyclists could reasonable be expected to make longer trips.”

“LMB [League of Michigan Bicyclists] is extremely pleased that this new policy recognizes that successful transit depends on safe and convenient access to transit stops, especially within nearby walk and bike catch basins. Making bicycling and walking safe and attractive makes transit more accessible, practical and appealing. In addition, providing secure bike parking is far cheaper than building surface or structure automobile parking.”

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2 Responses to Kudos to the Federal Transit Administration

  1. Nicely put from an incredible blogger


  2. Angelo L. Coletta says:

    So happy to read this! There is a bulding next to our transit center that our non-profit bicycle organization is interested in moving to.


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