The cargo bike revolution has arrived!

Even as an avid bike commuter, there are some days and tasks where my typical bike just isn’t useful. I have two saddle bags that carry my change of clothes for work as well as other items like my MacBook, Kindle, and lunch.

However, if I want to stop at the Farmers Market or the grocery store on the way to/from work, available space starts to become a problem in my saddle bags.  Enter a new revolution (at least in North America)…cargo bikes. These are seriously cool, though a bit pricey. But, they sure would solve the problem of not enough room for storage when shopping.

This weblink to a terrific story about a cargo bike revolutionary in Toronto gives a great summary on the topic. Also, here is a weblink to a site that provides details about and sells many styles of cargo bikes. Honestly, I cannot recall ever seeing a cargo bike anywhere in the states except Manhattan, though I do recall seeing a few in London, England several years ago.

I can envision cargo bikes fulfilling a critical need in our nation’s transportation network and truly becoming a viable option for individuals and families instead of a second (or third or fourth) car. Recently, I proudly added a bumper sticker to my car, which states, “My other car is a bicycle.” Considering I have commuted to work by bike 38 times to date in 2011 and over 125 times in the past three years, my bike does fulfill that function very well. With the advent of the cargo bike revolution,  the quote on my bumper sticker will become reality for many more households in the USA and Canada. That fact in itself, is a terrific advance toward a more sustainable and environmentally sensitive society!

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One Response to The cargo bike revolution has arrived!

  1. Andrew Cox says:

    Love it! Krys is kicking along the revolution in Australia too…


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